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When Nancy suggested we write a book together, the subject of horses was never an option for me. I’ve had Arabian horses since the early 1980’s and love them dearly. My husband and I owned a very active training barn years ago. Every Saturday morning was a zoo at the ranch with 20+ kids and their horses. We had a full-time trainer who was actually in her early 20’s that looked about 14 at the time and related well with the kids. They showed at local one-day shows, area 3-day shows, Regional shows and at the Arabian Youth National Championships. Most of the horses on the ranch were Arabian or Half Arabian although we did have the odd Appy, Icelandic horse, draft horse, Thoroughbred and Quarter or Paint horse here. I love a good horse, no matter what breed they are.

Poor Nancy was always thrust into that world because of her association with me. She is a city girl, not a country girl. But she came to understand the love and affection I have for horses, especially when she horse-sat for us so we could get away for a few days. That poor city girl who only ever had one cat at a time had to tolerate multiple dogs, multiple horses and multiple cats over a long weekend. She got her hands dirty!  And loved it!  She also got dragged to horse shows so I could teach her the difference between a Western Jog and a Hunter Trot. She loved the Native Costume Classes and hooted like a native along with the rest of us.

The horses in our first four books are fictional characters we made up. They are actually composites of horses I’ve known over the years. Writing about them means spending time with them and getting to know them well. We’ve come to love each one. I would put any of our horse characters in my barn in a hot second! And I miss them a little when we move to the next book, so we bring them along and put them in that one too if the story allows it.

As always if you have any questions please ask! We’re always there to answer.

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